General Concession Volunteer Information

Tartan Area Youth Enrichment, Inc. has contracted with Delaware North at Target Field in Minneapolis, with Centerplate at the H.H.H. Metrodome, and other various event promoters to staff concession stands with volunteer workers in exchange for a percentage commission on all sales in those stands. This has been a very fun and profitable fund-raiser. What began in 2009 as a hockey fund-raiser has expanded to include the entire Tartan area and several neighboring communities. Volunteers have the opportunity to work at Twins baseball, Vikings football, high school tournaments, various trade shows and conventions, and many other special events.

Concession workers in our program are volunteers and are not paid for their work. They may designate a “share” of the proceeds of each event they work to various non-profit organizations to enrich the youth and/or community.  Each month checks are distributed to designated organizations along with a report showing who worked to donate those funds.  These monies do not belong to the volunteers; they belong to the organization designated. The funds are not income for the volunteers and do not belong to the volunteers.  The stand commissions earned are paid to the Tartan Area Youth Enrichment, Inc., which, in turn, forwards them to the various non-profit organizations designated by the volunteers. These funds are to be used at the discretion of the various non-profit organizations for the general good of the group, not as income for individual members. Tartan Area Youth Enrichment, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501c-3 organization and, as such, files returns with the federal and state governments. Our exempt status is based on the premise that volunteers are not paid for their work and are not employees. Volunteers are not covered by any worker’s compensation benefits through Tartan Area Youth Enrichment, Inc., the companies for whom we volunteer or the non-profit organizations that receive donations.

To sign up for events, volunteers must contact Sandy Loude at [email protected]. She will answer questions, arrange training and scheduling. Volunteers may work as often or as little as they like, there is no minimum requirement or limit. However, it is imperative that those who sign up to work at an event are there to work the event and are on time unless special arrangements are made with Sandy. In case of an emergency, volunteers may call Sandy to see if there is a waiting list of workers for that event. The volunteer may be charged a fee to find a replacement.

Tartan Area Youth Enrichment, Inc. enjoys a reputation for providing reliable workers and in return is assigned great stand locations. Our appearance, reliability and behavior reflect on the entire Tartan Area and surrounding communities. We are proud of the parents and youth who have worked in our program throughout the recent years.