Volunteer Rules and Expectations

Thank You for choosing TAYE as your fundraising provider. This letter will outline some of the general rules and expectations of TAYE and the facilities we use to fundraise.

  • All Group members are required to attend a general training class scheduled by their group coordinator.  For those interested in being a stand Inventory/Money manager, in addition to the general training class, new group leads have an option to attend a Lead Training class.
  • Workers are expected to show up for the shifts that they have signed up for at the time specified on the signup sheet.  You must provide a 48 hour notice if you are unable to work a shift that you have committed to.  Failing to provide a 48 hour notice may result in our group being charged a fine, which will be passed onto the volunteer who did not cover the shift as a charge against any credits earned.
  • Fountain soda and water are provided to all volunteers working an event free of charge; a single use cup is provided by the facility.  If volunteers wish to have a cup to refill it must be a container with a reseal able lid (we are no longer allowed to have open cups in the stand anywhere).
  • There is plenty of parking around the ball park. We recommend carpooling to cut down on the cost.
  • Group members are required to wear a Sportservice shirt & hat while working in the stand.  Group members must wear their own white or black shirt and Docker-style black pants (no cut offs, sweat pants, athletic pants, cargo pants, jeans, or short shorts allowed) regular black shorts are allowed but must be to the knee.  You will not be allowed to check in or will be sent home if you don’t follow the uniform rules.
  • Shoes should be comfortable and supportive.  No open toed/heel shoes or sandals are allowed.  Socks must be worn.
  • Cell phones must be kept out of sight at all times and used only in the event of an emergency.  Cell phones should never be used in concession area when gates are open.
  • All volunteers are required to carry a picture id and present it at the request of Sportservice management.
  • Please leave all valuables at home.  Sportservice and TAYE are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lockers are  provided at the stadium but are limited in availability and you must provide your own key (no combination) lock – locks must be removed after every event

Below are the general report times for all regularly scheduled Games.  These report times are subject to change by Sportservice Management.  Once you sign up for an event it is very important you watch your email for any report time changes.